If you are a physician or a licensed prescriber, and would like to offer the Clean Start Weight Loss® program to your patients, please visit the IAPAM.

Since 2011, over 80,000 patients have successfully lost weight on our medically supervised weight loss programs. The IAPAM now offers a comprehensive hormone-based weight loss package, Clean Start Weight Loss®, to assist patients with their weight loss journey.

The purpose of this weight loss program is to give patients a long-term weight loss solution that keeps the weight off. What makes this program unique is that no other program will:

  • Reset their appetite, allowing them to eat less
  • Reset their metabolism to a “normal” range
  • Create a new normal weight
  • Reduce cravings

The Clean Start Weight Loss® patient package is designed to help you help your patients realize their weight loss goals. The package is available in both English and Spanish. It is a comprehensive and complete weight loss program that includes:

  • Patient Guidebook, that explains the program in detail, including over 50 program tips, as CSWL_hCG_LunchBag3-250wwell as over 20 pages on the all important “maintenance” phase of the program. It includes information on: portion size, the Glycemic Index, how to read a nutritional label, tips on how to combat emotional eating and cravings.
  • Quick Tip Sheet giving your the most important tips and a take away shopping list complete with calorie counts.
  • Cookbook with over 50 recipes for all 3 phases of the weight loss program.
  • Food Journal for your patients to record their daily food intake.
  • This program was designed to answer the most common questions in advance, saving you important time, and allowing you to see more patients, and generate more non-insurance based practice revenues.

For more information, visit www.IAPAM.com or visit the training registration page